A new chapter!

As I write this, there are prospective home buyers out there perusing our home on Zillow, Redfin, Realtor.com and some already driving by to check things out. Our home officially went on the market as of last night with a scheduled open house this coming weekend. What, you might ask, will we do after our house sells? We are taking an adventure of a lifetime and will be living aboard a sailboat starting as soon as this place sells! We’ve put in a mountain of work doubling the size of this home, bring the kitchen and great room to the ocean view (previously only the garage had the ocean view) and otherwise making the place look great.


genMid.ML81649189_2.jpgIMG_2526.jpgThis is the view from the kitchen/great room.  These swells are about 10′ in height!

IMG_1847.jpgAnd Sunsets from the kitchen/ great room.

We are super excited for our next chapter in life but we are not closing the current chapter completely. I will be working for architects and drafters completing structural calculations as I have been doing since moving to Pacific Grove. I won’t be doing special inspections as a single inspection will likely take days of travel but I will be working through photographs and contracting with special inspectors where possible.  We are truly blessed to have the support of many clients, family, and friends.  We will be back in Pacific Grove after this adventure and we are doing our best to soak up all the friend time we can with lots of gatherings, beach outings, and just hanging out.

We have the issue of not having a fixed address.  That said, we will now receive mail at a traveling mailbox.  They scan and email us all our mail and we can have it forwarded to us as needed.

Updated contact info:

2443 Fillmore St. #380-4246
San Francisco, CA 94115
(831) 264-3217

Please follow our adventure at svroundabout.blogspot.com

As our broker in the BVI says, “Cheers!”

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